Norman Taylor’s book is the true story of a boy from Scotland who overcame many hardships and a predicted death at 15. He survived and went on to save the lives of many others and succeeded against the odds.


Childhood and working on farms in Morayshire during the 1940s~1950s
Many dramatic rescues, including: Bill Travers the actor; a monk being gored by a red deer stag; a mid-air rescue of a parachutist in free fall
Rescuing WWII air crew from crashed and burning aircraft from the age of 7
Paratrooper 33rd Parachute Field Regiment Royal Artillery ~ UK & Egypt
On the buses in Hampshire & Scotland with King Alfred Buses, Hampshire Bus and Stagecoach
Meeting Fred the ghost at Kingsworthy Foundry ~ a corroborated story
An entertaining, dramatic and informative story told with humour and candour. Many illustrations and line drawings.
“At the End of the Day”

Do you believe in ghosts? Norman Taylor does. ‘White Mary’ appeared at the end of his mother’s bed when he was born and he saw others that inhabited the cottages where he lived near Elgin in Scotland.

This is the remarkable story of a remarkable man. At the age of seven Norman was rescuing WWII airmen from crashed and burning aircraft in Morayshire, Scotland. Affected by the fumes he was told he wouldn’t live past his 15th birthday.

Immensely strong, he survived and went on to save the lives of several others, among them Bill Travers, the actor famous for his role in Born Free, who was involved in a kiln explosion, and a monk from Pluscarden Abbey who was being attacked by a red deer stag. He even made a dramatic rescue of a parachutist falling to certain death. During some rescues Norman suffered severe burns and injuries for his efforts.

Although brought up in harsh circumstances, and unable to read and write, Norman succeeded against the odds, always improving his lot along the way. At the age of eight he could drive a pair of Clydesdale horses.

From poor farming origins he was the first man from Morayshire to become a paratrooper joining the 33rd Parachute Field Regiment Royal Artillery where he became a Senior Limber Gunner. He drove buses in Hampshire from the Winchester depot and later in Scotland for Stagecoach. He even managed an hotel in the Norfolk Broads.

But you cannot afford to miss his account of being kidnapped by gypsies, nor that of his encounter with Fred, the Kingsworthy Foundry ghost...

Norman’s story is told with humour and candour. There are many other true stories and accounts, some historical, some hysterical. Norman details life from his poor beginnings, together with accounts of his farming experiences before and after the advent of tractors. With an objective of always improving himself, Norman’s story shows how he managed to succeed against the odds and gives an insight into the value he places on each day that dawns.

The book has helped Norman to overcome his feeling of melancholy following the death of his wife, Sheila, in 2008 and has been a great therapy. It has given him a new lease of life and helped to answer some, but not all, of the questions for which he was seeking answers. More importantly, it has given him new contacts and friendships along the way.

The Early Years
Life on the Edge
Spies and Sphagnum Moss
Growing Up with Tragedy
Working Life
A Life Saved
Moving On
Red Beret
Back in Blighty
Civvy Street
On the Buses
At the End of the Day

Published:November, 2011
Style:Hardback, 186 pages
Illustrations:Black & white photographs, line drawings and maps
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